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Journal STORage Database (JSTOR) provides access to full texts of selected scholarly journals since the date of their establishment. The oldest issues go as back as to the 1850s. Journals in JSTOR have so-called "moving walls" that define the time lag (mostly 3 to 5 years) between the most current issue published and the content available in JSTOR.

Database JSTOR is divided into a number of sections. The access of UP users is limited to the following collections, those include about 2,500 titles:

  • Arts & Sciences I–XV Collections
  • Biological Sciences Collection
  • Language & Literature

Additional information
  • This resource is indexed in discovery.upol.
  • This resources supports remote access via Shibboleth.
  • Brief info: archive of full texts of scholarly journals
  • Disciplines: multidisciplinary source
  • Type of the resource: Fulltext
  • Publisher: JSTOR
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