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database focused on economy, business and management
multidisciplinary full-text database
full-text journals published by American Chemical Society
reference source for music
bibliographical database of films
recordings of American music
highly cited journals of biomedicine, natural sciences and social sciences
full texts of Czech medial resources
a bibliographical database focused on the history of art
comprehensive legal system in Czech Republic
database oriented on theology and religious studies
czech law database
biblical texts (available at Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology)
database from medicine and health sciences
database from medicine and health science
bibliographical database for biology and biomedicine
full texts of biological journals
e-books for humanities and social sciences
educational materials across the world
collection of full-text journals from clinical medicine
Czech e-books
databases of Latin texts by Brepols Publishers
handbooks for classical studies
scholarly business database
French publications in the field of humanities and social sciences
full texts of humanities and social science journals from Central and Eastern Europe
multidisciplinary database from Central and Eastern Europe
publications issued in the Czech Republic
classical recordings
encyclopedia of classical music
e-books and e-magazines in the field of literature and humanities
medical learning platform
comprehensive legal system in Czech Republic
full texts of books
recordings of modern music
online journals
resource for drama study
clinical information resource for medicine
resource for evidence based medicine
STM collection of e-books
multidisciplinary collection of e-books
collection of e-books
mega-resource of scientific information for social sciences and humanities
full texts of books
STM collection of e-books
bibliographic database focused on environment
database from the field of enzymology
European Reference Index for the Humanities and social sciences
indicators for evaluation of scientific research
bibliographical database of films
database for film and television studies
biographic and bibliographic database for literature with full texts
Global Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology Online Network
a database focused on environment
full-text law journals
health and medical databases
evaluation research tool
collection of e-books in the field of physics
full-text journals and e-books of physics
jazz recordings
evaluating factors of world´s leading journals
interactive teaching of the basics of social psychology
archive of full texts of scholarly journals
The Search Engine for International Law & Arbitration
collection of digitized monographs and periodicals
a portal focused on tourism and travelling
bibliographical database for librarianship
bibliographic database of publications in the field of linguistics
full texts of medical journals
full texts of English and American literature
a collection of databases of ancient and medieval Greek and Latin texts
digitalized historical documents
world medical database
world medical bibliographical database
database for language and literature studies
virtual archive of documents of Central Europe
sound recordings, scores, references
online reference work for nano science and technology
full texts of selected journals
music source
full texts of the renowned medical journal NEJM
resources for medicine and health care
information source focused on nursing care
reference manuals on art
dictionary of English language
source for scholarly research reviews
full texts of encyclopedic publications
study collection of professional journals and books
recordings of popular music
online newspapers and magazines
mega-resource of information for all disciplines
journals of arts & humanities
multidisciplinary full-text database
database of computer science
journals of linguistics
journals of political science
journals for psychology
journals of religion and spirituality
journals of natural science and medicine
journals of social sciences
journals of sociology
full-text journals of psychology
specialized database for psychology
freely accessible interface to the MEDLINE database
database of chemistry
database of local commerce and politics
full-text journals published by Royal Society of Chemistry
social sciences platform for books, reference, and video content
educational video across key social science disciplines
database of science, technology and medicine full-text and bibliographic book and journal information
bibliographic database for chemistry
evaluation research tool
articles on particle physics
bibliographic citation database
reference resource for film art
database of humanities journals from Central and Eastern Europe
full-text database for sociology
bibliographic database of sport
research tool for sports, sports medicine and fitness
full-text database of scientific, technological and medical journals
monographs, encyclopedias, reference manuals
medical textbooks online
world largest bibliographic database on journals
expert clinical database
citation and bibliographical database
publications by Wiley (Blackwell)
bibliographical database focused on animal biology
bibliographical database focused on animal biology
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  • Licenced resource Licenced resource
  • Free resource Free resource
  • Free-trial resource Free-trial resource
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