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What is the portal ezdroje.upol.cz?

The portal offers mainly information about prepaid electronic information resources made available to students and employees of Palacký University in Olomouc.
It acquaints users with online sources, which are bibliographic or full-text databases of professional literature (including monographs, magazines, research reports, conference reports, etc.), but also multimedia databases containing audio or video recordings.
You will find an alphabetical list of resources, an overview of the databases for different disciplines, an access address and detailed information for each resource.

Licensed electronic information resources can be used only by current students and university staff, i.e. users with an active account at Palacký University.
Access is possible within the computer network of the whole university or a selected faculty, according to specific license conditions.
Outside the university network, e.g. from home or abroad, resources can be accessed via remote access services.
The public, including graduates and former employees, cannot use licensed resources.

A multiple-search engine Discovery.upol offers a unified way to search electronic resources, it simultaneously searches most of the available resources.
You can also search separately in each resource (see alphabetical list), but each resource has its own specific search interface and offers its own options for working with records.

When you use the service Discovery.upol, the search results display links directly to full text (in HTML or PDF format) or the Full Text Finder icon to link to the source where the full text is available. Full Text Finder is also activated in other sources (e.g. Web of Science, ProQuest, PubMed).

For many full-text sources, the university subscribes only selected collections of magazines and books, in addition, the retrospective of available journal volumes may be limited.

If you are looking for a specific publication based on a bibliographic citation, such as a book or a journal article, you can use the Publication Finder interface in the discovery service. In the search box, enter the book title or journal title, eventually ISBN or ISSN, if the publication is available online, a link to the source will be displayed.