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The Knihověda.cz portal represents a part of the basic infrastructure for the research of Czech book culture until 1800 in the form of integrated bibliographic sources, explanatory texts and also new research tools. The aim of the portal is to create a new platform for basic research of Czech book culture, taking into account its popularization and educational potential.

Here you will find the associated Bibliographic Database of Bohemian Prints, Manuscripts and Modern Literature, which records all currently known editions of Czech and foreign language books printed in the Czech lands from the 15th century to 1800, as well as sources for Bohemian manuscripts. The portal also includes a completely new visualization and research tool, Map of the printed production of Bohemia and Moravia until 1800,
which interactively makes available Czech printed production published on the territory of today's Czech Republic with the possibility of selective display according to various criteria. The portal also included the Internet Encyclopedia of Books in the Czech Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, which places the results of research on book culture in the form of encyclopedic entries into a broader context usable for educational purposes at several levels. The introductory page of the Knihověda.cz portal also publishes news from the field of research on older book culture.

The Knihověda.cz portal is the result of teamwork by experts from the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the National Library of the Czech Republic and the Masaryk Institute and the Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and was implemented with the support of a program to support applied research and experimental development of national and cultural identity for 2016-2022 (NAKI II), project identification code DG16P02H015.

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