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Knihovna Národního filmového archivu

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The National Film Archive Library (KNFA) creates and makes accessible the original online catalog containing the following partial and interconnected databases:

  • KNFA Catalog - over 200,000 bibliographic records with factual description
  • KNFA Authorities - Personals, Movies, Events, Corporations - 100,000 factual records
  • KNFA - 1 890 Subject Entry Entries with English Equivalents
  • Specialized article bibliography of film - 100,000 records of film-related articles
  • Collection of screenplays - over 7,000 titles, 11,500 technical, literary screenplays, storyboards, movie stories
  • Book novelties in the collection - selected novelties of film literature

IPAC contains bibliographic records with a factual description and annotation of books, articles, screenplays, separates and periodicals in the field of film. Entries are enriched with scans of envelopes and contents.

It contains sources for 37 000 films of Czech and foreign origin, and 49 000 film personalities. As of 30 June 2019, the on-line catalog contains 89% of the book collection; retrospective processing of collections into databases continues. Registered users of the KNFA have a personal account in the online catalog, which is a ticket to services and remote access to licensed film databases and more than 25,000 film-related e-documents (scans of news articles, e-articles, digital born screenplays, e-publications, contents of film literature, book covers).

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  • Brief info: Library of the Czech National Film Archive
  • Disciplines: Theater, movies, dancing
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