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Brepolis Latin Complete

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Brepolis Latin Complete contains the following databases:

  • Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature - contains hundreds of Latin works by important early medieval philosophers, lives of saints, theological and liturgical texts.
  • Aristoteles Latinus Database - an electronic version of the full texts of medieval critical edition of Aristotle's writings.
  • Germaniae Monumenta Historica - the most important critical medieval file. Nearly 1,500 texts is divided into 5 main series (Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae and Antiquitates).
  • Library of Latin Texts - the most important database of Latin literature from antiquity to the 20 th century.

The databases use the same interface and are searchable simultaneously by means of the Cross Database Searchtool.

Brepolis Latin Complete also provides access to the sources:

  • L'Année philologique - a specialized bibliographic database published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, collects information on scholarly works focusing on all aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. Information is available from the first edition in 1928 to the present.
  • Database of Latin Dictionaries - Latin dictionaries, which are used to translate Latin texts into modern languages, and semantic and etymological interpretation of latin words.
  • Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - the most comprehensive dictionary of medieval Latin.

!Access is set for the entire university - for a maximum of 3 concurrent users!

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