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Problems connecting to EBSCO resources

We ask users who cannot connect to EBSCO sources to contact the bibliographic-information services department at bis@upol.cz and help diagnose problems by stating the following facts.

  1. Are you connecting within the university computer network (PC at the faculties, in the library, etc.) or are you accessing remotely, i.e. outside the university network (home, VPN connection, wifi on mobile devices, etc.)?
  2. What link (URL) are you connecting from in the eResources portal? They are "Connect to the resource" and remote access links via Shibboleth or EZproxy; see "Additional information" on the EBSCO resource page.
  3. If you are connecting from another link, please include it.

EBSCO offers two special pages for testing the functionality of the access, and we will be glad if you try it and send us screenshots of the displayed pages:

For IP authentication, use https://search.ebscohost.com/testauth.aspx. There you also have a link to remove authentication cookies (Remove EBSCOhost Authentication Cookie), which may solve your connection problem.

For problems accessing via Shibboleth, use https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=shib&custid=s7108593&debug=true. After authentication, it will show you configuration details.

Thanks for your cooperation.