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The Knihovny.cz portal provides unified access to the services of Czech and Moravian libraries - to anyone, from anywhere and at any time. On the portal, you can search the catalogs of all participating libraries from a single search bar.

The Czech Republic boasts the densest network of public libraries in the European Union, and our efforts are aimed at making Knihovny.cz the gateway to most of them.

Knihovny.cz has the ambition to become your everyday tool for finding reliable information and a mediator for obtaining it. Didn't find what you were looking for in your library? Do you need to draw from trusted information sources? Or are you just looking for reader inspiration? Then the Knihovny.cz portal is just for you.

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  • Brief info: Czech libraries in one place
  • Disciplines: multidisciplinary source
  • Type of the resource: Bibliographical
  • Publisher: Moravská zemská knihovna
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