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Invitation to the Karger Publishers Workshop: An Author's Guide to Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine

Dear colleagues,

We  would like to invite you to participate in workshop Karger Publishers: An Author’s Guide to Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine.

The date of workshop:  25th September 2019 from 2.30 pm.

The Karger Workshop is a session designed for both, students just starting their professional careers and writing their first scientific articles, as well as scientists who are interested in a refreshment course on publishing research articles.

The first part of the session focuses on the publishing process: shining a light onto the mechanisms of scientific publishing and giving an insight into the process of selecting the right journal for one’s article and providing detailed information on the review process.

The second part offers a variety of tips and tricks, concerning the manuscript itself: from basic structure to detailed information including a variety of useful examples and advices when writing a scientific article.

The workshop will be performed in English language.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/PQHUXscJoZ71e2N96

We are looking forward to your participation!