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Licenced resource  Academic Search Ultimate  [connect | Shibboleth]  – multidisciplinary full-text database
Licenced resource  Cambridge Core  [connect | Shibboleth]  – full-text journals
Licenced resource  C.E.E.O.L.  [connect]  – full texts of humanities and social science journals from Central and Eastern Europe
Licenced resource  Central & Eastern European Academic Source  [connect | Shibboleth]  – multidisciplinary database from Central and Eastern Europe
Free resource  Česká národní bibliografie  [connect] Free  – publications issued in the Czech Republic
Free resource  Články v českých novinách, časopisech a sbornících (ANL)  [connect] Free  – articles in Czech periodicals
Free resource  De Gruyter Open (Versita)  [connect] Free  – Open Access journals from Central and Eastern Europe
Licenced resource  e-books: Elsevier  [connect | Shibboleth]  – comprehensive multidisciplinary collection of e-books in EBS mode
Licenced resource  e-books: Springer  [connect | Shibboleth]  – multidisciplinary collection of e-books
Licenced resource  e-books: Wiley  [connect | Shibboleth]  – comprehensive multidisciplinary collection of e-books in EBS mode
Metaresource  EBSCO  [connect | Shibboleth]  – mega-resource of scientific information for social sciences and humanities
Licenced resource  Journal Citation Reports  [connect | Shibboleth]  – evaluating factors of world´s leading journals
Licenced resource  JSTOR  [connect | Shibboleth]  – archive of full texts of scholarly journals
Licenced resource  Oxford Journals Online  [connect]  – full texts of journals
Metaresource  ProQuest  [connect | Shibboleth]  – mega-resource of information for all disciplines
Licenced resource  ProQuest Central  [connect]  – multidisciplinary full-text database
Licenced resource  ScienceDirect  [connect | Shibboleth]  – database of science, technology and medicine full-text and bibliographic book and journal information
Licenced resource  SCOPUS  [connect | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic citation database
Licenced resource  Springer Link  [connect | Shibboleth]  – full-text database of scientific, technological and medical journals
Licenced resource  UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory  [connect]  – world largest bibliographic database on journals
Licenced resource  Web of Science  [connect | Shibboleth]  – citation and bibliographical database
Licenced resource  Wiley Online Library  [connect | Shibboleth]  – publications by Wiley (Blackwell)
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