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Bible Works

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Bible Works contains biblical texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, either in standard editions (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, The Greek New Testament /resp. Nestle, 26. ed./, Rahlfs´ Septuaginta/, or as a morphologically coded text. Besides the texts in original languages, the database also offers translations into 35 languages – Greek Septuaginta, Latin Vulgata, classical as well as modern translations into national languages, for example Bible of Kralice /1613/, Czech Ecumenical translation /1985/, “KMS Nová smlouva” translation /1994/ and so-called New Bible of Kralice /1998/. In addition, it also contains dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks for studies of Holy Scripture. All "books", involved in Bible Works may be used in a common way, i.e. they may be read and printed as texts.

Bible Works (version 7.0) is available as a stand-alone installation at one computer in Library of Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology.

Bible Works (version 9.0) is available at the MU Brno server - Litterae ante portas (more information).

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Additional information
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