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SciFinder - Chemical Abstracts

Full info:

Chemical Abstracts is the most important chemical database. Contains bibliographic records (including abstracts) of articles from more than 12 thousand journals from 150 countries in many languages.

Registration is required for each user. More information needed for registration:

1) The user must register - here 

2) When filling out the registration form be carefull about:

  • system receives only an email address with the domain "upol.cz" or "prfnw.upol.cz" or "tunw.upol.cz".
  • do not use accents
  • when choosing a name and password, you must follow the rules, which can be found under "tips"
  • the mentioned email confirmation arrives, to be once again to confirm that the registration has been completed.

Additional information
  • Brief info: bibliographic database for chemistry
  • Disciplines: Chemistry
  • Type of the resource: Bibliographical
  • Publisher: Chemical Abstracts Service - division of the American Chemical Society
Additional information
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