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Brief info: biographic archive of public figures
Link: http://db.saur.de/WBIS/autologin?user=palacky
Producent: K. G. Saur
Valid until: not limited
Category: licensed resource
Related domains: Art, architecture and muzeology, Education, History, Language and Literature, Library Science, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, Sociology, Theater, movies, dancing
Full info:

World Biographical Information System Online (WBIS Online) is the most comprehensive biographical database. Based on the digitization of K. G. Saur's Biographical Archives, it compiles biographical articles from printed reference works in 40 languages published from the 16th to the 21st century. The WBIS Online database currently provides about 10 mil. of entries with biographical information on more than 5 million people covering the period from 4000 B.C. to the present. The following archives are available:

  • African Biographical Archive
  • American Biographical Archive
  • Arab-Islamic Biographical Archive
  • Archives Biographiques Françaises
  • Archivio Biografico Italiano
  • Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica
  • Australasian Biographical Archive
  • Baltisches Biographisches Archiv
  • Biografisch Archief van de Benelux
  • Biographical Archive of the Middle Ages
  • Biographisches Archiv der Antike
  • Biographisches Archiv des Christentums
  • British Biographical Archive
  • Canadian Biographical Archive
  • Cesky biografický archiv a Slovensky biograficky archiv
  • Chinese Biographical Archive
  • Deutsches Biographisches Archiv
  • Griechisches Biographisches Archiv
  • Indian Biographical Archive
  • Japanese Biographical Archive
  • Jüdisches Biographisches Archiv
  • Korean Biographical Archive
  • Polskie Archiwum Biograficzne
  • Russisches Biographisches Archiv und Biographisches Archiv der Sowjetunion
  • Scandinavian Biographical Archive
  • South-East Asian Biographical Archive
  • Südosteuropäisches Biographisches Archiv
  • Türkisches Biographisches Archiv
  • Ungarisches Biographisches Archiv

The database may be used by 1 concurrent user from UP and the search interface can be set in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian languages.

More information about this database is here.

Type of the resource: Referential
Language: multilingual
Contact person: Mgr. Romana Applová