Portal of electronic information resources

Electronic information resources at Palacký University

Electronic Information Resources (EIR) provide access to information used in science and research and for teaching purposes. The use of this information is exclusively limited to academic needs of employees and students of the Palacky University in Olomouc.

The EIR Portal provides access to licensed resources, i.e. those provided to Palacky University under license agreement. EIR are available either from any place at the Palacky University or only within a particular Faculty. Licenses to some resources are limited by a fixed number of concurrent users.

The licensed information resources are available either at working stations connected to the Palacky University computer network or via remote access services (see here).

You can browse available resources by:
alphabetical orderall resources sorted in alphabetical order
domainsresources divided into relevant domains (law, medicine, history, ...)
free-trialsresources that can be accessible only for short time (usually months)
Usage restrictions
Electronic information resources may not be used for any non-academic (and non-profit) purposes. It is only allowed to use them for personal studying. Massive downloading of resource's content is considered to be violation of licence agreements and consequently access to resource can be forbidden for whole university or it may lead to other sanctions!
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new resources
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