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Complete Counseling and Therapy Package

Palacky University has a free trial till 31st of March 2017 to the database Complete Counseling and Therapy Package. This database can be used by psychologists, doctors, therapists and students of these disciplines who can find in a collection of training videos, psychiatric practice video from psychologists and social workers, as well as videos that reflect the latest research and best practices in the field of counseling, mental health and psychology. You can search by therapeutic approach, type of disease, there are also interviews, presentations of experts, instructional materials, transcripts of consultations with patients. At present the database contains more than 1,500 videos and almost 1,900 books and other types of documents. Information brochure here.

To access click here: http://search.alexanderstreet.com/conc

Or you can try to access each collection bellow:

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume I - http://psyc.alexanderstreet.com
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume II - http://search.alexanderstreet.com/ctrn
Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volumes I, II, and III - http://search.alexanderstreet.com/ctiv
Counseling and Therapy Online: Current Practices - http://search.alexanderstreet.com/ctv4